Sunday, August 8, 2010

Experimenting in the kitchen

This is usually not a food blog but last Friday's concoction was definitely something to share.


Sauté onions, mushrooms*, garlic, and ginger
Cut turkey breast in stripes or cubes and sear all around
Put it all together and add, according to taste:
- coconut cream
- good red wine (I used a fruity Merlot)
- salt, pepper, chili sauce (I used a chili&lime sauce)
Let it all simmer to cook the turkey through and get desired thickness of the sauce
Add sour cherries for the last 5-10 mins

Serve on rice or as is with a good bread, and some green leaves salad.

*The mushrooms didn't really add anything to the flavour, though it gave a nice texture to the sauce. I will probably skip them next time and add sliced bamboo shots instead.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Sounds interesting. To me wine and coconut milk don't seem to be friends. Did you like the result? I like the idea of the bamboo shoots!

Also, to keep it "tropical" you could add mango or pineapple instead of the cherries. Or maybe lychee!